Sen So is a 2 or more player strategy board game for ages 10 and up. Most games take between 15-20 minutes to play. Play solo or as teams, while you battle it out in the arena. Sen So variants offer you a wide variety of genre and abilities to play.

The Sen So game system uses a unique set of octagon cards and card holders. Players have to set (program) actions before their current action is revealed. All players reveal actions together. This provides fast play for even large numbers of players.

Game scoring provides balance and keeps the leaders on thier toes. Players are required to choose their weapons and abilities for each battle

15-20 minutes
2-8 Players
Unique System (Simultaneous Programmed Action Selection)

Sen So is more than just a game. Read the  Sen So Story  and Lost writings of the father or view the Cast of characters. 

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