Advanced game play


The basic game focuses on practice and arena combat. Some may desire to play other scenarios. Continue to look for additional advanced play information here.

Dance of Mirrors - Twin VS Twin advanced combat that will challenge even experienced players.

Team Yukatori - Four or more players required to take on the twins. Two play Sen and So, the others suffer.

Knock Out matches - Move from sparring matches onto combat. This set of rules allows you to play until the last Ninja is standing.

Weapon card symbols - The basic game only uses the octagon symbol. This page contains information on how you can use the other symbols in campaign or advanced game.

Advanced Options - A list of game options to support a wide range of play styles. Select from options that allow you to change how you score, the amount of damage, faster block changes, attack when revealing a weapon, etc.

Character Development - Use the Bio Sheet and this information to give your Sen So character depth. Contains ideas for character skill development and campaign setup.

Current expansion items includes; Escrima Sticks, Kamas, Tanto, Tekko, Tonfa and Wakizashi. These will be used with new actions: Blocking Attack, Blocking Move and Moving Attack. Ranged weapons and a ranged weapons system are also being finalized.

We have many new actions and items and dozens of powers that we are play testing. We will be setting up expansion play testing sessions. If you are interested in play testing, contact us at:

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