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"I do not fully understand my brother, but I do love him. He has found ways to connect our minds and taught me. We compliment each other in battle in a way that I cannot explain to others. Together we are quite formidable.

So has always learned easily. He remains strong without practice or effort. I must admit it angers me sometimes to see how easily he can do what I struggle hard to accomplish. "

"I do love life. There is much for the taking and I have much left that I want. My only regret is that I still rely too much on others.

It is funny to think about how hard my brother works for only half the result. If only he knew my true power. I have studied hard to learn the dark way of Teiku Kensei. This has given me the ability to use our connection as twins to steal from his efforts. I get half of all he works hard to obtain. Ha! Keep training brother, I need it!"

"The art of Deyou is like a beautiful dance. In combat, you can find your opponent's weakness as you use these techniques. There are few that can keep up with this fast paced art.

So is a weasel and a tyrant. He offers not joy or love in this world. If only he had 1/8th the kindness of his twin Sen, who means more to me than any other in this world."

"I am for hire. If you need it done, I will take the job, for the right price. After all, its always about money, isn't it?

I find So to be of benifit to me. He seems to find my skills of great help. I think he also overpays me out of guilt (I know it seems impossible for one such as him). I do enjoy the work he gives me."

"One does not need to defeat an opponent by force alone. Use your opponent's actions against them. By doing so, you will master the Burokku techniques.

There is more to be gained when one can hold their ground without concern for their safety, than there is to recklessly waste energy on unfruitful actions."
"I lova good fight!

Wanna try me?"
"The true power in combat is in the offensive action. Shuurai is the key to mastering this action.

I have little respect for those who dance around the arena, fearing to fight as a true warrior should."

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