Character Development


As game developers we cannot leave any game alone without adding our own twist to it. Character Development is the best way to make your own unique version of the game.

A board game can be more than just something you pull out to play now and again. This page provides some ideas on how you can personalize the Bio Sheets provided. In addition, we have provided some start up ideas for character development/advancement as your Ninja trains at the Sen So school.

Bio Sheets - You will find Bio Sheets for Sen, So, Fasuta, Kantinu, Tate, Tounyuu and Waniki. These provide great examples of how you can complete and create a custom Ninja persona. Use the Generic Bio Sheet to get started.

Journeyman Ninja
- This is a common theme; You are a starting student at the Sen So arena. What twin's side are you on? Keep track of wins and losses. Setup or create a campaign by awarding victory points to combat winners.

Ninja Master
- Create a Bio for your Ninja Master, come up with your own special abilities. A great place to start with this is the Advanced Options. Maybe your Ninja has the ability to perform Rotating Blocks or Surprise Attacks.

Weapons and Powers
- Create your own unique weapons or powers as mentioned above. You can replace the use of a weapon with a power(s) or add them to it.

Campaign - The basic idea behind a campaign is a group of players creating and determining what weapons, powers and abilities are available and the cost for each. Award victory points to game winners. Define a system for spending these on the above weapons, powers, abilities increased endurance, etc.. Create your own level structure from Journeyman to Master Ninja.

Some startup ideas include:

  • Weapon Master - A master of a weapon can attack all locations of the weapons attack pattern at once.
  • Pack Rat - Increase inventory
  • Weapon Type Resistance - Resistance (less score/damage) from a specific weapon type (i.e. Blade Resistance).
  • Weapon Savvy - Increased score/damage when using a specific weapon or type of weapon.
  • Increase Endurance - Increase the total endurance of a character.
  • Stunning attack - A successful strike stuns the player, preventing them from taking their next action.
  • More... - We have more, but why should we have all the fun, create some yourself.

We have several expansions in the works that include new actions and many new weapons. We hope to provide you with new ideas and options that promote game balance with fun and exciting play.

Keep in mind Sen So is a strategy game and random anything should be avoided. Define what you feel is a fair system and try it out. But most of all enjoy the game.

If you have a Bio or anything Sen So related that you are proud of and want to share it with us, please read our Terms of Use statement on our web site before sending it to

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