dance of mirrors


The Dance of Mirrors:
The Dance of Mirrors is when Sen and So fight each other in a duel. You should play several normal games and understand the game dynamics before attempting to play this.

Mirror Move:
One of Sen's and So's special abilities is to copy the other twin's moves or attacks. Here is how we recommend you do this when battling each other:

When the locked action cards are revealed, each twin (player) takes a coin and places it heads or tails side up, with their hand covering the coin.

  • They place Heads up, if they wish to apply the action card they played.
  • They place Tails up, if they wish to apply the move or attack action card the other player played.

It is important to note that the mirror power generally works with move and attack cards. Special moves or attacks, like the leap or flying attack, still require the player who is copying the action to have the proper momentum or weapon in use.

These matches should be very challenging. The weapon you choose and how you use it will make a difference. Try this with several weapons. There are some secrets you will learn to prevent your twin from using his power effectively against you.

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