Knock Out matches


Every Ninja has their limit. Move from sparring matches onto combat. The basic game sparring matches award and remove points based on how well you out-perform your opponent(s). The Knock Out matches take away your limited endurance until you fall in combat.

All stating (Novice Ninja) players have 30 Endurance.  This is used for Knock Out matches and other advanced play games. The Generic Bio Sheet contains an Endurance area to help keep track of your Ninja's endurance.

Standard Knock Out match:
These tend to create long games, so do not expect to complete a knock out match within 30 minutes of play.

Knock Out matches have a simple change to the scoring rules. Do not score any positive points.  Only negative points are scored from being hit.  In a standard knock out match, a player is out when their score reaches -30.  It may take some time to get another player to -30, so consider trying this with 15 endurance for each player.

You will find that a standard knock out match game only works well with two players.  In a three or more player game someone always seems to run or hide making the game less than exciting.

Concede - A good addition to any knock out match is the concede rule.  At any time a player can concede.  They lose by admitting defeat.  This will end the game for them.  Remove the player marker from the game board.  If you want to have fun with this, make the player who is conceding say "Uncle" or whatever you find amusing.

Advanced Knock Out match:
This is the same as a knock out match with some scoring adjustments.  This game will work much better when playing with 3 or more players.

The positive and negative scores should be tracked separately for each player.
Endurance Tracking - Track negative score to determine when a player is knocked out (-30). 
Score Tracking - Track positive score (strikes and glancing attacks) to determine the winner.

Last Ninja standing - Play till all but one Ninja is standing, then see who has the highest score.  The last Ninja standing may not be the winner of the game.

Time or Turn limit - This can be played with the basic game time or turn limit.  Play continues until the determined time or turn limit is reached.  If a player is out of endurance at any time during the game, they lose (regardless of score) and have to remove their player piece from the board.

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