Lost writings of the Father


The following notes were found and are believed to be part of the diary of Sen and So's father.

My sons are so different, and yet they are the same. They live as if they were a mirror, one to the other.

They were close as children and it seemed they shared the same thoughts. Yet, as they aged, something changed. Soon after there 14th year, they spent less time together. They grew apart, and they both became weaker as a result. I think they knew this at the time, but could not admit they needed each other. I do not question the paths they chose for each had his own reasons and life to live.

My "moon" was always without worry, without concern, and making his own way through life. He did love reading mysterious texts and meditating. How easily everything came to him. He somehow learned without studying. He grew strong without exercise. It seemed he could do anything without even trying. 

My "sun" was always trying to be the best of the best. He would practice and practice until he had mastered the skill or task he desired. It seemed he had to work twice as hard to get by in everything he did. But he would never give up. The sheer will of his efforts is still hard for me to understand.

My sons have a connection I cannot quite explain. It's as if the sun brings light to the moon. But if the moon was not there the sun would have little power when night falls. I wonder if they understand this.

They so often disagree with each other and surely do not have the same goals. They do, however, share in the same ambitious spirit. They need each other, for together they are more. I think they know this now. Hopefully they remember and never forget.


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