Weapon Card Symbols


Every weapon card has symbols in the lower right corner of the card.  The basic rules have already covered the use of the Octagon inventory symbol.  The 8 inventory spaces still apply to all advanced games. 

You will find several additional symbols:
Hand Symbol - Used to identify if an item is a One, Two or even Zero handed.  You only have two hands and can only use up to two hands of items at the same time.  We will cover how 2 one handed items can be used later.  Notice I stated item and not weapon.  You will find items in future expansions that are not actually weapons. 

Item Type symbol(s) (star) - Currently all items have a type assigned to them.  This type will be used in expansions, as special defenses or attacks will take weapon types into consideration. These can be used as part of any campaign or character development system.

The current weapon types are:
T = Thrown
B = Blunt
P = Pierce
S = Slash
You will see C= Chop in future expansions

Dual Wield:
Using two weapons at once is dual wielding. Everyone loves to see this in comic books and the movies.  We have created the following rules for this. These will apply to future expansions.  No, we do not support anything outrageous, like the use of two Katana.

Opinions will vary on this, so consider that what we have is our attempt at supporting this and also maintaining game balance.  Only two weapons(items) that do not add up to more than 2 hands can be used together.  Most weapons in the game are two handed.  Several 1 handed items will be added with expansions. 

Starting dual wielding - A second item can be played as an action. When it is revealed, the player can announce, "I am dual wielding".  The player will then replace his current block card with the new weapon (face up).  The player can now use the powers and attack patterns of both weapons.  This does not allow the player to score double hits.  Rather, it allows them to expand their attack pattern, when attacking. Note: using the same weapon while dual wielding grants no additional benefit.

Ending dual wielding - There are two ways to end dual wielding.  If a player plays a Block action, they will replace the block item with the new block action card.  If a player plays a new weapon item or block item that puts them over two hands of equipped items, they must remove the other item from play.  This may leave them without a block or weapon, until they replace the missing item/card.

What you lose while dual wielding - In order to use two weapons, the player has to lose something.  The thing that is lost is the player's ability to block.  They may have a second item with a block power, but what ever item they have in their block location replaces their normal ability to block.

As mentioned, dual wielding is not possible with just the basic game.  The only 1 handed weapon is the Kau sin ke, and using two of them together have no benefit.  Look for exciting dual wield possibilities with our first expansion or create your own weapons to support this.

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